Jiashan tongda bearings co.,Ltd. is a professional set design, full of marketing, full-service integrated the self-lubricating bearings outstanding non-oil maker. The company's strategic location on the east to the ShanHai 96 km, west of Hangzhou 100km, geographic location, convenient traffic.

We replace the "strict and realistic, dynamic and innovative" spirit of enterprise, and constantly develop new high-tech products. Major production "Tongda" brand series of sliding bearings, main products SF1 Oilless bearings,SF2 marcinal lubricating bearings,FB090 bronze wrapped bushes,JF800 bimetal bushing,JDB solid lubricat bushes,mainly used in textile, printing, metallurgy, mining, hydraulic equipment, etc. Fields, products have been sold at home and abroad.

We have always attached great importance to product quality management and draw domestic and foreign advanced quality management experience, establish and improve the scientific quality management system. The company will continue to develop innovative and committed to the sliding bearings,The production and development, is committed to improving the quality of products, improve service and to ensure competition in the market advantage. The company is willing to work with our friends from various circles at home and abroad sincere cooperation with the times, and try to create brilliant .

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